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    Blue? Brown? Red? Which Mechanical Keyboard is Best for You?

    by Onikuma Gaming on February 27, 2022

    After using mechanical keyboards for so long, do you really understand the difference between these mechanical keyboards? Why do some keyboards feel hard, some keyboards are comfortable to type, and some keyboards are suitable for playing games. How should the difference between the shafts of different colors be distinguished? This article will explain to you the ONIKUMA mechanical keyboard.

    The current mainstream mechanical keyboards have four colors, each of which corresponds to a different structure, which in turn produces different effects, including sound, pressure and feel.

    The reason why the four kinds of switchs produce different sounds is mainly due to the structure of the switch cap. After being pressed by fingers, it rubs against the contact metal sheet and deforms it to collide with each other to make sounds. The red switch is similar to the black switch, and it is a linear switch. Therefore, the source of the sound is the sound produced by the friction between the plastic and the contact metal sheet.

    The blue switch and the brown switch are segment switchs, and the switch cap of the blue switch is in contact with the contact metal sheet at the raised part, and produces a slight clicking sound.

    The blue switch is special. The sound is like the sound of the circlip when the ballpoint pen is pressed. During the pressing process, the white part contacts the contact metal piece, which causes the metal piece to deform and the position of the white part to change. It closes with the pressure of the metal piece, making a crisp "click-click" sound.


    The second is the difference in pressure, but due to the different structure of the switch cap, the pressure generated is divided into four stages, namely initial pressure, trigger pressure, segment pressure, bottoming pressure, and the four switchs have different button pressures mainly depending on Spring with switch cap.
    Among them, the trigger pressure of the blue axis is the smallest, and the rest are the same. The trigger pressure of the black axis is the highest, followed by the blue axis, the brown axis, and the red axis. The segment pressure only exists between the blue axis and the brown axis.

    In terms of feel, the black switch is more focused on giving the user a tactile feedback that is straight up and down without pause, and the rebound process is dry and powerful.

    The red switch can be regarded as a light-weight version of the black switch. The same goes straight up and down, with no pause in the touch. The rebound is softer and softer. The feel is similar to squeezing cotton. The typing feel is continuous, pressing It feels light in the hand.

    The brown is more focused on giving the user a tactile feedback with a slight click and a weaker paragraph feel, and the rebound feel is similar to the red switch. The improved blue axis paragraph sense, taking into account the characteristics of the two, but not exactly the same, taking into account the typing office crowd, belongs to the universal axis, but there is a slight noise, but not too strong, and the whole stroke of the brown axis feels like a bungee jumping.

    The blue switch, as one of the representative switches with paragraph structure, can also be said to be the switch with the most characteristics of mechanical keyboards. It can give users a click-click and strong paragraph-like tactile feedback in terms of feel. (Continuous tapping is "papapa"), the rebound process pauses slightly, which is similar to the circlip when a ballpoint pen is pressed, forming a percussion rhythm in the long-term recording process. (Learn more about ONIKUMA "blue switch" keyboard)

    On the whole, if you want to use it for work, it is recommended that you buy a brown switch or a red switch mechanical keyboard. The green switch and black switch are more suitable for game users. How will you choose?


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