Top 3 Gaming Peripherals for an Optimal PC Setup

by Onikuma Gaming on February 17, 2020


 Are you an avid gamer who wants to take your PC gaming setup to the next level? There are some key gaming peripherals you should consider regularly upgrading if you want to stay ahead of the game.

In this article, we discuss the top 3 gaming peripherals that every PC setup should have and what qualities to look for in them.


Number Three – Monitors

 One of the most essential peripherals to accompany your PC is a monitor that can keep up to speed with it – we all want the highest capacity performance and graphics in order to achieve the most intense and immersive gaming experiences. As such, some of the most important aspects of a monitor to look for include:

 Refresh Rate – 120+ Hz monitors are an absolute must have for any fast-paced or competitive games. What Hz translates to is the maximum Frames Per Second (FPS) your monitor can achieve. More frames result in more frequent visual updates – enabling quicker reactions from the player.

If you’re exclusively into slow-paced, methodical games such as turn-based RPGs and CCGs, then 60Hz can get the job done. If you’re playing anything that requires quick reaction time, you’ll ideally want at least a 144Hz monitor to stay ahead of the competition.

 Size – We all know that size does indeed matter. Closely following the action and processing the information fluidly is essential to staying up to speed with other competitors. However, this is an aspect of monitors that can start to drive costs up a lot if you go overboard with it.

We recommend sitting in the sweet spot of 24-27 inches on a nice 144hz monitor for serious gamers. If you have more to spend and love that luscious broad field-of view display, go ahead and grab yourself an ultrawide curved monitor.

 Design – Some people like a little curve in their monitors. The idea behind a curved screen is that it grants fuller immersion by encompassing most of your field of view by engaging with three dimensions (length, width, and height) rather than just two.

Additionally, it’s a great way to reduce eye strain since the curvature allows your eyes to take in everything at once. Curved monitors are a nice bonus on top of having a large screen size and are worth considering when you’re in the marketplace.

Number Two – Keyboards & Mice

Being able to properly play the game is probably more important than slightly better optimized graphics or a few extra frames per second. A lot of the mileage you get out of your mouse and keyboard comes down to your individual physiology and preferences. There are a couple of general suggestions we can make, however:

Mechanical Keyboards – These things just feel much more precise. Each keystroke you make is deliberate and sounds a satisfying *clack* that reinforces your decisions. If you haven’t already gotten a mechanical keyboard, it’s something we suggest looking further into.

 Ergonomic Mouse – You’d be surprised how many people are using a default office mouse or clunky knockoff model. Get yourself a top tier gaming mouse and you won’t be disappointed! Make sure you pick one that’s a good size for your hand and the type of grip you use.

An entire novel could be written about mouse types, features, and how they complement different hand grips, so we won’t go further into it right now. We recommend experimenting to see what suits your style best!

Number One – Headsets

 Similarly to how monitors enormously impact game visuals, headsets have a drastic impact on game audio. A top tier gaming headset can be the difference between registering important sound cues and losing games because you missed out on important info.

Sound cues in games are far more important than most players realize and having an audio device that allows you to totally focus in and absorb them is essential for high-level play.

There are a few aspects of audio headsets worth paying extra attention to:

 Surround Sound – This is an often-overlooked upgrade, and any gamer who’s currently missing out on 7.1 surround sound can receive a huge boost from upgrading.

In essence, it benefits the player by divulging more information. With surround sound enabled, you’re able to pinpoint the exact direction and distance that sounds are coming from. This is especially useful for FPS and ARPG type games where you are rewarded for knowing player positioning.

In an FPS game, the player with the best positioning and knowledge of enemy positions is most likely to succeed. With surround sound you can hear movements and sound effects that would otherwise be faint, inaudible, or hard to comprehend, which grants you an informational advantage. An effective sound headset is a must-have gaming peripheral.

Comfort – For many people, this is the most important part of any gaming peripheral. If you’re not comfortable while playing, you won’t be able to keep your mind focused on the game.

For this reason, we recommend prioritizing a headset that has plush pleather padding that keeps both your head and ears at ease, and an adjustable headband for an exact fit. Ideally, you should be able to forget that the headset is even there because it’s extremely snug, soft, and near-weightless.

Durability – Make sure that the materials are built to last. ABS materials are especially nice because they can be dropped, bent, twisted, and smacked and still work perfectly. If nothing else though, the headset’s plush material on the earphones and headband should be durable enough to stay in top condition for years to come.

 Microphone – The number one tool in team-based games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. Having a good mic is required if you want to coordinate well with teammates. A noise-cancelling mic that lets your voice ring clear and true to your teammates is even better.



This concludes our Top 3 Gaming Peripherals List~

We hope it was informative on some of Onikuma’s gaming values and will help you in creating your ideal gaming setup!

What do you value most for your PC Gaming rig? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 3 Gaming Peripherals for an Optimal PC Setup– Onikuma Gaming Headsets

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