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    Headphone Series


      Launch Time

      X series (16)

      ONIKUMA X11 Cat Ears Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphone

      $64.99 USD$129.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X10 Pink Cat Ears Stereo Noise Cancellation Gaming Headset

      $58.99 USD$129.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X20 RGB Gaming Headset Noise Canceling Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound with HD Mic for PS4 PC Xbox

      $55.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X10 PRO RGB Noise Cancelling Detachable Microphone Gaming Headphones

      $52.99 USD$119.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X15 PRO RGB Light Double-Head Beam Noise Cancelling Microphone Gaming Headphones with microphone 3.5 mm wired headset for PC XBOX PS4

      $54.99 USD$108.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X15 PRO Double-Head Beam Noise Cancelling Microphone Durable Stereo Surround Gaming Headphones RGB Audifonos Alambricos Gaming Headset

      $54.99 USD$118.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X10 RGB Wired Gaming Headset with Detachable Mic

      $49.99 USD$109.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X16 Wired RGB Over-ear Gaming Headset with Noise Cancelling Mic

      $44.99 USD$79.99 USD

      ONIKUMA X9 Gaming Headset with Mic and Noise Canceling Gaming Headphone Wired Blue Light for PS4 PS5 PC XBOX

      $44.00 USD$92.99 USD